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CMS MS: Newsletter Made Simple, export user status

Ferdi Verlaan  September 28 2015 11:55:41
Following up a feature request from one of our customers in the Newletter Made Simple (NMS) module for CMS Made Simple.
Our customer wanted to export the status of the newletter users, but by default, only the email and username fields are exported.
We've found a similar request on

Since we don't have the time to create another sponsorship for CMS MS and wait until calguy1000 has time to change the code, since he is very busy with CMS MS 2.0. Please look at the following:
Change the following file:

around line 56 add the green fields for the headers:

$cols = array('email','username','disabled','confirmed');

around line 131 add the green fields for the export:

 // export everything
 while( !$u_dbr->EOF ) {
   $row = $u_dbr->fields;
   $uid = $row['userid'];
   $fields = array();
   $fields[] = $row['email'];
   $fields[] = $row['username'];

   $fields[] = $row['disabled'];

   $fields[] = $row['confirmed'];

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