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Enable Eclipse plugin installation in Lotus Designer 8.5.2

Ferdi Verlaan  October 27 2010 11:00:14
After reading the excellent article by Rishi Singapore how to Install Subclipse for Domino. In his post he talked about that to enable this feature you need to add following line in plugin_customization.ini file which is located at \Notes\framework\rcp path.


After doing that and restarting the Lotus Notes client + designer, still no options under File > Application > Install.

This behaviour has changed in 8.5.2, for Domino designer 8.5.2 you have a nice little option in the preferences:

Image:Enable Eclipse plugin installation in Lotus Designer 8.5.2

Voila, Subsclipse can now be installed! SVN support in Lotus Domino Designer!


1Itube  06/05/2018 11:50:05  Enable Eclipse plugin installation in Lotus Designer 8.5.2

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